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Multiple Pair Discounts

Multiple Pair Discounts

For most people in Calgary eyeglasses don’t always suit all purposes! For example, you wouldn’t wear a pair of dress shoes or high heel pumps to play Tennis, so why have only one source of vision correction for everything you do?

Different kinds of vision correction or eyewear are often needed for different kinds of hobbies, activities, or work. Having different sets of eyeglasses can help optimize your vision and performance, as they can be tailored to the activity you are doing. Also, for certain activities, such as high impact sports, etc. It is important to protect your eyes from harm or danger.

To assist you in the cost of multiple sets of Calgary eyeglasses we offer a 30% discount on multiple pairs when purchasing your additional pairs or replacing additional lenses the same day. We offer a 15% discount off multiple pairs purchased within 30 days of your first initial purchase.

*Some restrictions may apply, see in office for more details!

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