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The Risks of Purchasing Eyeglasses Online

In the busy world of today it is often more convenient and time efficient to purchase items online from the comfort of you own home.  As opticians and eye care professionals, we are often asked about the risks of purchasing prescription eyeglasses online as more and more consumers are drawn to this quick and easy form of shopping.  While ordering eyeglasses online may seem easy, it is very different from ordering a typical consumer item such as a sweater or shoes. Opticians are trained and educated to fit glasses and select lenses that are customized to your specific visual needs and prescription. Obtaining a prescription is only one of many steps needed to ensure you are seeing the best you can.

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How To Take Proper Care Of Your Eyeglasses

As you know, your eyeglasses are more then just a fashion statement or an accessory on your face. They are a very important medical device which helps you see your world clearly. So now that you have chosen your perfect set of new glasses, it is important to take care of them. By taking proper care and maintaining your glasses frequently, you can help preserve this very important piece of equipment for as long as possible.

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