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What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Have you heard the term computer vision syndrome? So many of us spend so much time using computers and digital devices. Whether we use computers for work or digital devices like phones and tablets for pleasure, it is a fact that technology is a huge part of our everyday lives. Because of this, we are starting to see technology-related health problems. Frequent use of digital devices can put real stress and strain on our eyes. Common eye problems that occur as a result of digital device use is often referred to as computer vision syndrome. But what exactly is computer vision syndrome? Read on to learn more!
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Tips For Buying Kids Sunglasses

Choosing an item for a child can be a daunting task. Children are the ultimate critics! If a child doesn’t like something, you can bet you’ll hear about it! Sometimes, this makes buying an item for a child a challenge! Many parents are intimidated when it comes to selecting eyeglasses and sunglasses for their children. But it doesn’t have to be that hard! Read our tips on buying kids sunglasses to ensure your child’s next pair of sunglasses is a hit!

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Eye Makeup Safety Tips

The makeup industry in North America is a billion dollar industry. You can find makeup sections in almost all drug stores and super markets. In North America, wearing makeup is definitely the social norm. Pretty much almost every women I know wears it (Alecia Keys being the exception, but lets face it… I don’t really know her). Because makeup has such a prominent place in our society, I felt it important to write a blog article about it. Our blog post is not about discouraging makeup wearing, but to better inform you how to wear and apply it. We don’t want you to compromise the health of your beautiful eyes in the name of beauty, although many people decide that beauty is really important, so they decide to get surgery to look great, feel great thanks to this. So we’ve wrote this blog article on eye makeup safety tips to help you minimize your eye health risks while wearing it!
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