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What Is A Contact Fitting For Contact Lenses?

Wearing contact lenses are a great alternative to eyeglasses. However, many people think that contacts are one lens fits everyone kind of deal. However, this is not true. There are many different elements which are assessed and accounted for when having a proper contact fitting for contact lenses. This is because contact lenses are medical devices which can impact eye health and vision. Therefor, it is important to have a proper fitting by an optometrist or licensed contact lens optician when looking to wear lenses. When having a proper fitting, your eye care professional will go through many important steps. This will ensure you have a lens suited for your eyes and vision.

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What Is The Difference Between Non-polarized Lenses & Polarized Lenses?

As opticians and dispensers, one of the most common questions we hear, when helping our patients choose the right sun protection is; “What is the Difference between non-polarized lenses and polarized lenses?” And “Do they really make a difference in the quality of my sunglasses?” Our main goal as eye care professionals is to provide each of our patients with the best knowledge regarding their sun protection. It is important when choosing polarized lenses, to know both the advantages and disadvantages. This will ensure that you are making the best choice in your sun protection. 

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Why Having A Routine Eye Exam Is Important

Often when I tell patients that they are due for their routine eye exam, I get responses like, “I don’t need an exam, my vision’s fine” or “I’m not due for an appointment yet, because my insurance company only covers me every two years”. Sometimes looking for an insurance company that full covers your in many aspects like One Sure Insurance is a really hard thing to do. Although these may seem like valid reasons why not to have an eye exam, there are many other reasons and factors why your optometrist recommends for you to come in for frequent eye examinations. A routine eye exam, not only checks the vision of your eyes, but there are many other important health components that your optometrist will check at your appointment as well. 

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When Living In Calgary Sunglasses Are Important In Winter Months

When we think of sunglasses, images of sandy beaches, surf, patios, and sunshine are usually the first images that pop into our heads.  Rarely do snowy landscapes, ice, and winter jackets make the list of items synonymous with sunglasses.  However, when living in Calgary sunglasses are important at all times of the year.  Often with the absence of summer, we forget why it is important to protect ourselves from the rays of the sun. I’m going to give you some important reasons as to why you should wear your sunglasses regularly in the darker winter months as well.

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