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Dr. Craig

Dr. Matthew Craig was born and raised in Calgary. He studied science at Mount Royal University before attending the University of Waterloo where he graduated from the Optometry program with honours in 2015.

Matthew met and married his wife Maranda and had two children all during his four years in Optometry school. He brought them all with him as he spent his last semester at the Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas where he was exposed to managing many ocular and systemic diseases that affect the eye (like glaucoma and diabetes).

Dr. Craig is active and involved in his church community and loves spending time with his two little boys. In his down time, he enjoys biking, playing the guitar, and catching up on the latest in video games.

Dr. Nielson

Dr. Nielson graduated from the School of Optometry at the University of Waterloo in 1985 with honors. His pre-optometry years were at the University of Alberta

Dr. Larocque

Dr. Anne-Michele Larocque is from Lameque New-Brunswick, an island community. She is a French Canadian Acadian, and fluent in both English and French.

Dr. Prasad

Dr. Asim Prasad was born in Quebec but raised in Calgary. Dr. Prasad attended the University of Alberta where he received his bachelor’s degree in Environment Science.

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