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Laser Vision Consultation

Pre & Postoperative Care for Laser Eye Surgery

When looking to undergo laser vision surgery, such as LASIK Calgary patients should first consult with an optometrist.  

Your eye doctor can provide you with general counselling for laser surgery, as well as many other surgical procedures. At the Glenmore Landing Vision Center, our knowledgeable eye doctors will evaluate and discuss whether or not you are a good candidate for corrective surgery. They will also make recommendations in the best interests of your vision and eye health.

Our optometrists are constantly attending continuing education seminars and training. By being educated on new procedures and advancements in eye surgeries, you can rest assured that you will receive current and informed care and advice. You will be in the good hands of our eye care team, from start to finish, in the months and years before and after your refractive surgery.

After undergoing corrective surgery, like LASIK Calgary patients are recommended to continue with routine eye examinations. A comprehensive eye examination, will help your doctor monitor any changes in vision and eye health, as sometimes changes can occur after surgery. The doctor you choose will play a valuable role in your pre and post-operative care.  Your care after your surgery will most likely be co-managed by your surgeon and an optometrist. When considering refractive vision correction, such as LASIK Calgary patients should visit one of our doctors the Glenmore Landing Vision Center. We can provide you with advice, consultation as well as post and preoperative care to help you maintain healthy sight. 

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