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Fitting of Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

When fitting contact lenses Calgary eyecare practitioners will do so based on a variety of different factors. Contact lenses are medical devices. They provide many benefits but also can pose certain risks to vision and eye health. It is very important to have contact lenses prescribed and fit by a licensed eye care provider, such as an optometrist or licensed optician – contact lens practitioner.  Having lenses properly fit and checked regularly at routine eye examinations will help minimize the risks associated with lens wear, and will protect your vision for years to come.

Dispensing Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses Calgary

If you are thinking of getting contact lenses, chances are it’s because you want to get away from the look of glasses.  Glasses are a great form of vision correction. However, certain properties of eyeglasses such as fogging from temperature change, perspiration, or comfort can all interfere with sports and other activities. But, before you decide to join the ranks of millions of people who wear contact lenses, Calgary patients should know some important facts.

Before getting contact lenses Calgary patients need to have had a thorough eye examination by an optometrist.  An up-to-date eye exam is needed in order to have lenses properly prescribed and fit. You and your eye doctor or professional lens practitioner can then decide on what type of lenses should be worn. Lens selection if often based on your vision problems, history, occupation and recreational requirements.  When getting contact lenses Calgary patients may also want to consider a high moisture contact, which provides better comfort in our dry Calgary climate.

Types of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have changed significantly since they really gained popularity decades ago. They have gone through an evolution from being made of low breathability rigid plastic, to the high oxygen silicone hydrogel lenses which dominate the market today.

Lenses also now come in a variety of designs, which not only correct for distance but also correct for astigmatism and presbyopia (reading correction).  They are available in a variety of wear schedules; daily disposable, two-week disposable, monthly disposable, and hard lenses, which can last 6 months to a year.

When selecting contact lenses Calgary eyecare practitioners will do so based on a patient’s eye health, prescription, occupation, activities, and visual needs.

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are made of flexible, water-absorbing plastic that conforms closely to the eye. Compared to hard lenses, soft lens wearers need a shorter adaptation period. They come in many different materials and designs.  Special lens designs include coloured astigmatism correction and multifocal lenses.  Some brands of soft contacts also have built-in protection from harmful UV radiation.  Soft lenses are convenient to use and perform great when used for physical activities, such as sports.

Hard Contact Lenses

Hard contacts are small contact lenses made of rigid plastic and can correct most vision problems. Although more durable than soft lenses, they require an adaptation period.  Hard lenses are often used to help correct vision problems due to corneal irregularities and also with certain eye conditions like keratoconus.

Contact Lens Brands

Because every eye is different. Contact Lenses are not a one-size-fits-all sort of item. Because of this, our office offers a variety of different contact lenses from the optical industry’s leading contact lens brand manufacturers. We carry popular brands such as; Acuvue, Air Optix (both clear and colour contact lenses), Biofinity, and many more.

When selecting the best contact lenses Calgary eyecare practitioners at the Glenmore Landing Vision Center can try different lenses to make sure the right lens is selected for you!

Book A Contact Lens Fitting

If interested in contact lenses Calgary patients should book a contact lens consultation with an eye care professional at the Glenmore Landing Vision Center.  At our office, we carry thousands of contact lenses.  We have a great variety of lenses to choose from, in many different lens designs, prescriptions, and materials.  This allows most patients to leave with a pair of contact lenses at the time of their appointment.

Easily Reorder Your Contact Lenses Online!

For current patients, you can easily order your contact lenses through our office online. We stock a large variety of contact lens brands and prescriptions and can often have your contact lens supply ready for pick-up the same day! For added convenience, if requested we can also mail your contact lens supply to you as well!

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