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Emergency Eye Care

*Outside of office hours, for treatment of sudden onset visual disturbances or eye pain, we recommend that you proceed to the nearest walk-in clinic or emergency department. If you have questions about symptoms you’re experiencing, you can speak with a Registered Nurse at Alberta Health Link (Dial 811 – 24hrs & 7 days/week) or Dial 911 in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Eye Care

An emergency eye care visit is one of the most important types of visits to a vision centre Calgary patients can make. Based on the nature of your problem, your visit could be a difference in saving or losing your sight. People are often not aware that optometrists offer emergency eye care services or that your emergency visit will most often be covered by Alberta Health Care.

If you are experiencing symptoms that are alarming, it is important to have your concerns investigated by an optometrist. By asking specific questions, our team of eye care professionals will decide how urgently you should be seen or treated.

At the Glenmore Landing Vision Centre Calgary patients can be assured that our doctors will do all that they can to help you resolve your problem when you seek help for a true emergency. Many people are not aware that the symptoms that they may be experiencing are a true ocular emergency. Sometimes these symptoms may go ignored as the person may think that what they are experiencing is related to something else. Sometimes, if the problem isn’t resolved in a timely fashion irreversible vision loss and damage may happen. Below are just a few symptoms that may accompany a true ocular emergency, which should be seen as soon as possible. Although, there are always exceptions to this rule and not all emergency symptoms may be listed. If you feel that you need emergency eye care, call our office to speak with one of our eye care professionals to help you plan a course of action that is best for you.

Signs and Symptoms of an Ocular Emergency

Some signs and symptoms of an ocular emergency can be; Sudden Loss of Vision, Eye Pain, Double Vision, Flashes of Light, Floaters, Light Sensitivity, and eye injuries. If you are experiencing something that you are concerned about that is not listed, never hesitate to call our office and describe the nature of your problem with our team of eye care professionals. At the Glenmore Landing Vision Centre Calgary patients can rest assured that we will always do what is best for you and your eyesight. We will make sure that if you come to us for your ocular emergency, that you are seen in the appropriate time frame for the symptoms which you are experiencing.

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