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Tips For Selecting A Frame For Your Face Shape

Selecting A Frame For Your Face Shape

Why fit in when you were born to stand out! – Dr. Seuss

Have you ever been shopping for eyeglass frames and were drawn to a pair of glasses on the shelf, but once you tried them on they looked less than flattering? It could be that the frames you selected weren’t suited for your face shape.

Factoring in the shape of your face is a key component when selecting a flattering pair of eyeglasses.

What is my face shape?

The best way to determine your face shape is to pull any loose hair back away from your face and take a good study of your facial features. When studying your face, you may find that your face-shape can be classified as a few different shapes. Read our descriptions on different face shapes below to help determine which face shape best matches your own. Then read the DO and DON’T tips on selecting eyeglass frames best suited for your facial features.

Frames For Oval Shaped Faces

Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval face, you have a good selection of glasses to choose from as many different eyeglass shapes suit an oval face.

Characteristics of an oval face are wider cheekbones which taper towards both the chin and forehead. This face shape tends to be longer and is slightly rounded which compliments many styles.

Do! Bold fun colors along with frames that are more squared off tend to work well with an oval face.

Don’t! People with an oval face should try to steer clear of narrower frames which tend to exaggerate the length of an oval face.

Below are a few of our staff’s favourite frame picks that work well with an oval-shaped face.

Frames For Round Faces

Round Face Shape

Just like oval faces, there are many frames in our dispensary that suit round faces too.

Out of all of the different frame styles, frames with more angular lines tend to work better for those with round faces. Semi-rimless frames are also a great option for rounder faces. This is because a semi-rimless frame gives the illusion of adding length to the face. Be careful though, as not all prescriptions are appropriate for a semi-rimless or rimless frame.

Do! Look for frames that have sharper angles.

Don’t! Don’t choose smaller frames and avoid frames that are round in shape.

Below are a few of our staff’s favourite frame picks that work well with a round-shaped face.

Selecting Frames For Triangle Shaped Faces

Triangle Face Shape

There are many great eyeglass frame designs that will suit a triangle-shaped face. A person with a triangular face shape has a face that is widest across the jawline which tapers to the forehead.

Do! Select a frame that draws attention to the top of the face. Cat-eye and clubmaster frames are just a few specific styles that suit a triangle-shaped face.

Don’t! Stay away from frames that have more detail on the bottom of the frame than the top.

Below are a few of our staff’s favourite frame picks that work well with a triangle-shaped face.

Frames for Square Face Shapes

Square Face Shape

Did you know that it’s hip to be square! There are many different frame shapes that work great for people with square-shaped faces. Characteristics of a square-shaped face are defined by wider proportions of the jawline and forehead. So look for frames that will help soften these features rather than exaggerate them.

Do! Look for frames that are rounder to soften a strong shaped jawline. If your prescription permits it, semi-rimless eyeglasses are a good option as it makes the face look longer. Dark frames and cat-eye shaped frames are also fun as they help draw attention to your eyes!

Don’t! Don’t choose frames that are very square or have sharp angles along the bottom of the frame.

Below are a few of our staff’s favourite frame picks that work well with a square-shaped face.

Frames For Heart Shaped Faces

Heart Face Shape

We have a great selection of eyeglasses to fit heart-shaped faces. Characteristics that define a heart-shaped face are having a wider forehead with higher cheekbones that taper to a narrower jaw.

Do! People with heart-shaped faces look great wearing round or oval-shaped frames. Thinner metals or lighter colour frames are especially flattering.

Don’t! Avoid selecting frames that are heavier on the bottom. Oversized eyeglasses and eyeglasses with a lot of detail are usually not great choices. The key to selecting frames for the heart-shaped face is to add balance to the width of the face and draw attention to the eye area.

Below are a few of our staff’s favourite frame picks that work well with heart-shaped faces.

A Frame For Every Face!

Trying to pick out a pair of eyeglasses can feel like an impossible feat, especially when there are a lot of choices out there. Often it is best to consult with an eyewear professional like an optician to help you narrow down your choices and select the frames which are the best shape for you.

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