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Comprehensive Adult Eye Exams

When trying to find someone to care for your eye health and vision Calgary has many different care provides and offices to chose from. We want you to know exactly what to expect during your eye exam, when you choose us for your vision needs. We promise to always offer you the best in eye care and vision Calgary has to offer, as Not all eye exams are equal. Here’s what you can expect during an examination with one of our optometrists.

Here’s What our Comprehensive Eye Examination includes


The very first part of the eye exam before you see your optometrist is called pre-testing. Your pre-test is performed by an optometric assistant. During this portion of your check-up there will be a review of your health and family health history. Any vision problems or complaints you are having will be identified. As well, any current medications you may be taking will be recorded. The optometric assistant will then conduct a review of your tasks and hobbies which may require special vision correction or vision aids.

At this point, the optometric assistant will perform a series of computerized tests. When checking eye health and vision Calgary patients will be assessed using the latest technology in diagnostic equipment. First, we screen for a condition called Glaucoma. We do this by checking your intraocular pressure (air puff test). Next, we will check your peripheral vision. This test can detect optic nerve damage, vision loss, and some types of brain tumors. We then take an ultrasonic type scan and digital photo of the inside back of the eye (the retina). These tests helps the doctor detect if you have the start of early conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and optic nerve problems, etc. With early detection, your doctor can provide you treatment to preserve your vision years sooner than previously possible. After all of this is complete you will head into the exam room where the optometrist will continue to further check your eye health and vision (visual acuity and refraction). All findings from your preliminary testing will also be discussed.

Visual Acuity

Before your eye doctor starts your vision check he may run through a series of short tests to check different aspects of your vision. Usually these test include a check of your depth perception (stereopsis), colour vision (Ishihara), and uncorrected visual acuity. The visual acuity assessment is when the optometrist has you look at a Snellen letter chart (The eye chart) or picture chart for children, to assess your ability to see the letters with detail and clarity at both near and far distances.


When checking your vision Calgary optometrists will start by using an instrument called a retinoscope. Your optometrist will check for nearsightedness (problem seeing at a distance), farsightedness (problem seeing at near) and astigmatism (light does not focus in the eye in a single point, causing blur). After the optometrist uses the retinoscope to check your vision Calgary patients will then have their vision assessed using a phoropter. This instrument consisting of hundreds of different lens combinations. It helps your eye doctor finalize your prescription needed for eyeglasses. All of these tests are performed while you look at the Snellen eye chart.

Eye Health Check

During your eye exam, your optometrist will also check the overall health of your eyes. He will assess all the information gathered from the pre-test data and other testing performed during the exam. The health of the front, inside, and back of the eye, will also be assessed using a special microscope. How your eyes align and coordinate when working individually as well as together will also be evaluated.


At the end of your eye exam, after assessing all components of health and vision Calgary patients will receive a recommendation from the optometrist. Each patient will be provided with solutions specific to their visual needs and unique eyeglass prescription. Specific eyeglasses and contact lenses may be recommended by your doctor, to help give you the best sight possible. At the Glenmore Landing Vision Center, For the best correction of your vision Calgary patients are offered a large selection of quality eyeglasses, premium optical lenses, and the newest lens designs in contacts.

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