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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

**Contact Lenses are medical devices which provide benefits but also can pose certain risks to your vision and eye health. It is very important to have your contact lenses prescribed and fit by a licensed eye care provider, such and an optometrist or licensed contact lens optician.  Even when requesting colored contacts Calgary eye care professionals will insist that cosmetic contact lenses be fit just the same as their clear counterparts. Having contact lenses properly fit, and checked regularly at your routine eye examinations will help minimize the risks associated to contact lens wear and protect your vision for years to come.**

Whether contacts are used for corrective, cosmetic, or therapeutic reasons, they are medical devices and are fit to the specifications of each individual’s eyes. Contacts come in a variety of different types and materials. We carry the latest technology in contact lenses. We also fit the newest brands of colored contacts Calgary patients really enjoy wearing. These new colored contacts provide patients with a dramatic change in eye color while maintaining both eye health and comfort..

We carry is stock thousands of clear contacts that can correct vision disorders such as farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia (need for reading correction). We also stock the newest colored contacts Calgary patients can trial before purchasing the lenses in their prescription. Because we have such a large stock of inventory contacts, there’s a good chance that you will leave with lenses at the time of your appointment.

For our existing patients who are up-to date with their eye examinations, you can call our office at (403) 255-2826 to order your lenses, or you can also order your contacts online through our convenient online ordering system. You can even choose to have your lens supply mailed directly to your home or work!

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