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Pediatric and Geriatric Care

The Alberta Government acknowledges the importance of yearly routine eye examinations for both senior citizens and children. For children up to and including 18 years old and seniors including 65 years and older, routine eye exams and other medically necessary appointments are paid for by Alberta Health Care (patient must have valid Alberta Health Care at time of visit).

The Glenmore Landing Vision Center is dedicated to providing patients in the city of Calgary optical and eye care services for individuals both young and old.

Pediatric Eye Care

A child wears glasses that she has received from a Calgary Optical store.A child’s visual system develops rapidly in the early years of life. That is why it is very important to have your child’s eyes examined at the first sign of any problem. An optometrist can screen your child for some visual defects as early as 6 months old. If there are signs of developmental delay or there is a family history of crossed or Lazy eyes (Amblyopia) the child’s vision should be checked in infancy. Early detection of certain conditions greatly increases the chances that treatment will be successful and normal vision will develop. If there is no obvious abnormality or concern it is then recommended that all children have their vision checked by an Optometrist by the age of 3. Children then should then be brought back yearly for routine exams.

Parents and teachers often have difficulty recognizing some visual problems. This is because children don’t necessarily know how or what they’re supposed to be seeing. It’s unlikely that a child will clearly describe visual problems. A child who has never known normal vision or depth perception doesn’t know what he or she is missing. It is important for children to be seen by their local local optometrist to properly gauge the condition of their vision and eyesight.

Most optometrists working in Calgary optical clinics and optometry clinics will recommend that children visit their eye doctors once a year to properly access their vision and eye health.

Geriatric Eye Care

Elderly man wearing sunglassesMost people with serious eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration are seniors. The aging process can bring about many changes that weaken the eyes. With many common eye diseases, it is true that early detection and intervention can prevent extensive vision loss. Especially for conditions without pain or other symptoms.

Elderly people who visit a Calgary optical store to get their eyeglass prescription filled, often don’t have their eyes examined regularly. After turning 65, many individuals continue to have their eyes examined every 2 years instead of the recommended yearly exam. Because some conditions such as Glaucoma, Cataracts and Macular Degeneration develop as a relation to aging, it is important to have more frequent examinations as you get older. These conditions are extremely common and don’t cause pain. Seniors need to take care of vision problems before they worsen and cause serious damage and vision loss. Cataracts – a reason for foggy eyesight need to be monitored and most times eventually removed. Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration must be treated regularly and sometimes managed with prescription medications. Left untreated, these diseases often lead to blindness.

It is also very important that patients with diabetes or high blood pressure to include regular eye exams as part of their health maintenance regimen. Permanent eye damage from these diseases is progressive and painless, and can lead to blindness.

The Glenmore Landing Vision Center is committed to providing their patients in Calgary optical, eye health and vision care for the whole family. Call us today at (403)255-2826 to book an eye examination!

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