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Our Technology

Our Technology

When looking for advanced eye care Calgary optometry offices don’t always offer the same components of care.  At the Glenmore Landing Vision Center we are committed to bringing our patients and customers the latest advancements in technology in the optical industry. By providing advanced eye care Calgary patients have access to state of the art equipment.  We also provide the latest and greatest from lens manufactures in both glasses and contacts.  By offering our patients premium products we are able to provide you the best vision possible.

Optos Optomap

To provide you with vision care that exceeds your expectations we are committed to using the newest technology in the optical industry to assess all aspects of vision.  Our newest addition of high-tech equipment to our office is an instrument called the Optos Optomap.

The Optos Optomap takes an ultra-sound type scan and a high-resolution photo of a large part of the inside back of the eye, the Retina.  With this scan and photo, your optometrist can better diagnose and manage certain Retinal problems and diseases.  In healthy patients, the scan and photo provide a baseline that the eye doctor can refer back to in future eye exams.  This is useful when problems or changes to the internal parts of the eye occur.

Below is a photo of our Optos Optomap machine.

Advanced Eye Care Calgary Equiptment


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