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Make sure you do yourself and your eyes a favour and always protect them with a good quality pair of sunglasses.  You deserve it!

In Calgary sunglasses don’t just provide protection from sun glare, but they also act as a fashion statement.  Whether you’re looking for a stunning fashion forward style or you are searching for a “visual experience like no other”. LOOK NO FURTHER, you can find it all here at the Glenmore Landing Vision Center!

Whether you’re out on the boat in the summer or hitting the slopes come snow season, a quality pair of sunglasses is a very important part of one’s wardrobe. Both fashionable and functional, sunglasses are a very healthy benefit for your eyes. As well as blocking blinding glare and visible light from the sun, sunglasses also offer valuable protection from damaging ultraviolet rays. In Calgary sunglasses offer protection that help maintain and preserve the health of the eyes. A good pair of UV blocking shades should be worn at all times while outdoors. Many people don’t know that sun damage is cumulative. Because this damage starts happening at a very young age, it is important that sun protection for the eyes also starts in our youth. Just as we protect our children’s skin with sunscreen we must protect their eyes with good pair of sunglasses. When living in Calgary sunglasses should be worn throughout the span of one’s life.  Wearing sunglasses helps prevent sun related eye damage such as macular degeneration and certain types of eye cancers.

We carry a large selection of reputable sunglass brands such as Maui Jim, Oakley, and Ray Ban. We also carry a great selection of fashion designer sun frames from fashion power houses across the globe. We carry Tom Ford, Dior, Prada, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, and many others. At the Glenmore Landing Vision Center, when looking for a great pair of sunglasses Calgary customers may have a hard time choosing just one!

Many of the sunglass frames we carry can also be made into prescription eyewear. Sun protection for the eyes has never been more healthy or fun!  Options such as polarized lenses (lenses that reduce more reflective glare), flashy mirror coatings, and fun colours make sun protection stylish.

* Many private insurance companies recognize the important relationship between good eye health, good vision, and sun protection.  When an optometrist recommends UV protection or sunglasses Calgary insurance companies sometimes pay for the prescribed sun wear – check with your insurance company, as they may cover prescription sunglass shades as a benefit for you! We also offer multiple pair discounts to help offset the price of multiple pairs of glasses and sunglasses, ask a staff member for more details.

Frame Lines that We Carry

Maui Jim
Banana Republic
Dior Logo
Dolce & Gabbana
Emporio Armani
Etnia Barcelona
Giorgio Armani
Jimmy Choo
Kate Spade
Michael Kors
Saks Fifth Avenue
Tom Ford

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