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Eyewear Discounts and Promotions

Save On Multiple Pairs Of Eyeglasses With Our Multiple Pair Eyewear Discounts!

To help offset the cost of new eyeglasses we offer different eyewear discounts and promotions to our patients and customers year round!

For most people in Calgary, one pair of eyeglasses might not always suit all purposes!

For example,

you wouldn’t wear a pair of dress shoes or high heel pumps to play Tennis, so why have only one source of vision correction for everything you do.

Eyewear Discounts

Different kinds of vision correction or eyewear are often needed for different kinds of hobbies, activities, or work. Having different sets of eyeglasses can help optimize your vision and performance, as they can be tailored to the activity you are doing. Also, for certain activities, such as high-impact sports, etc. It is important to protect your eyes from harm or danger.

When you purchase a complete new pair of eyeglasses, any additional eyeglasses, sunglasses, or prescription lens purchased the same day qualify our multiple pair eyewear discounts of 30% off.* If you don’t purchase additional eyeglasses at the same time, we still will extend multiple pair eyewear discounts of 15% within 30 days of your first initial purchase.*

Children’s Eyewear Discounts

At the Glenmore Vision Center, we believe that children deserve the very best when it comes to their vision! We also understand that having children can be an expensive endeavour. We never want our patients to feel that they have to sacrifice the quality of their children’s eyeglass lenses just to be able to keep up with the frequent replacement of eyewear that children often need.

So, to assist in the cost of purchasing a new pair of children’s eyeglasses we offer a $70 childrens eyewear discounts off of a new complete purchase (frame and lenses) of eyeglasses for children age 12 and under.*

*Some restrictions may apply, see in office for more details!

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