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Optical Lenses

Optical Lenses

Not all eyewear is created equal!

When selecting eyewear Calgary patients should pay particular attention when selecting their eyeglass lenses. The eyeglass lens is the most important part of any pair of glasses. Lenses come in a wide range of different designs and levels of quality.  At the Glenmore Landing Vision Center, we use the highest quality lenses in the optical industry.  By using premium products in our eyewear Calgary customers can be guaranteed to have glasses they love!

At the Glenmore Landing Vision Center, we make sure that your are informed of your different options in lens designs and coatings.  We will also make professional recommendations on lens options best suited for you. We do this based on your specific individual needs, by assessing your prescription, work, activities and hobbies that you will be using your glasses for.  

We also use the latest state of the art technology in measuring and designing your lenses.  By adding this high level of customization to our eyewear Calgary patients will  have the best visual experience possible.  This new technology allows us to fully customize the measurements needed to create your glasses to 1/10 of a mm.  We also take specific measurements unique to how your new glasses will fit you.  When fabricating eyewear Calgary opticians and optometrists, don’t always take these special measurements into account. Therefor, all lenses are not created equal.   At the Glenmore Landing VIsion Center, measurements such as how long your eye is, how much wrap and tilt your frame has, as well as the specific position of the lenses in front of the eyes are all taken into account, with the utmost accuracy.  We also use new, higher resolution digital technology to fabricate your lenses.  Digital technology with high definition optics gives you crisper clearer vision as well as better perception of colour and contrast in low light conditions.  With all this new technology at our fingertips the doctor and our staff can help insure that you receive the best type of lenses for your prescription and needs.

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