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What Should I Bring To My Next Eye Appointment?

It’s nice to show up to any appointment prepared. An eye appointment is no different! Often people don’t put much thought into their eye exam. They show up thinking that their doctor only wants to see their eyes. But that is not the case! Doing a little bit of preparation before your eye exam is incredibly helpful for your optometrist and optician! Read our blog article before your next eye exam, so you know what you should bring to your next eye appointment and why you should bring it!

What Do I Need To Know Before My Next Eye Appointment?

Many people don’t do anything for preparation for their eye exam beyond booking the appointment! A little prep work goes a long way! Because an eye exam is so much more than just reading an eye chart, if your optometrist knows a bit more about you, it can really help both you and your eye doctor understand your vision and your eyes better!

Knowledge Of Your Family Medical History Is Important!

Family History for an Eye Appointment

Knowledge of your family’s medical history is important.

Having knowledge of your family’s medical history is of great value. Many eye conditions are hereditary. If you have a family history of a certain eye condition, your optometrist may want to monitor your vision and eye health more frequently. If your optometrist knows that a member of your family has a certain eye disease they can let you know what the signs and symptoms of the disease are. This will enable you to know what to look for and be more proactive with your own eye health should symptoms arise.

What To Bring To Your Next Eye Appointment

Some items which we find are helpful for you to bring to your eye appointment are listed below; All Information gathered from below items will help your optometrist determine how to care for and treat your eyes!

  • Alberta Health Care Card – Some eye procedures and appointments (ex: appointments for eye infections, eye injuries) are covered by Alberta Health Care. Having your number on file allows us to bill Alberta Health Care for appointments that they may cover.
  • Extended Health Care Coverage or Benefits Information – Some benefits plans may pay for a portion of your eye exam, eyeglasses, or contact lenses. In most cases, our office can direct bill most insurance providers for the portion covered by insurance.
  • Knowledge of your family medical history – As mentioned above, knowledge of your family’s medical history will help your optometrist determine the best approach to the care of your own eyes.
  • Your current contact lens box (blister packs are also helpful) – Should you need new contact lenses, it is always helpful for your eye doctor to know exactly what you are currently using. There are more numbers associated with a contact lens than just the prescription and contact lens brand. Base curve and diameter are also numbers that are useful when prescribing and fitting contact lenses.
  • Any current pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses you use – Should you require a change in eyeglass prescription, your optometrist can inform you if you require a change in lenses in any current eyeglasses or sunglasses being worn.
  • A list of any prescription or over the counter medication you take – some medication can have an effect on vision and eye health. Knowing what you take will greatly assist your optometrist during your eye exam.

If you are in need of an eye appointment, we have a team of knowledgable optometrists that would be happy to see you! Call our office at (403)255-2826 or book your next appointment online, here!

This article was written by Trina Vanaalst, registered contact lens practitioner and licensed optician,


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