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Vision Care For the Whole Family

Our friendly team of Calgary optometrists provide quality vision care for the whole family!

At Glenmore Landing Vision Center your eye health and sight are important to us. Our team of experienced Calgary optometrists, opticians and optometric staff pride ourselves on providing our patients with quality vision care. We accomplish this by using leading industry technology and by providing our patients quality products and good old fashion service.

Our Group of Calgary Optometrists Want Everyone to Have Good Vision Care!

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends that a baby’s eyes be examined by an optometrist when they are between six and nine months of age. Children should then be seen annually up until they are eight-teen years old (Alberta Health Care pays for these annual visits). Learn exactly why it is important to have your children’s eyes examined by a Calgary optometrist here!

For healthy adults, a visit to the optometrist should be scheduled at least every two years, or more often if recommended by your eye doctor. People wearing contact lenses should have annual eye health assessments. Wearing contact lenses can alter vision and the health of the eye. Alberta Health Care acknowledges the importance of eye health. Therefore, they pay for medically necessary visits (emergency appointments, eye injuries, infections, ocular disease management visits, etc)

As a senior, because the natural ageing of the eye plays an important role in eye health it becomes important to have more frequent yearly eye examinations. Alberta Health Care covers routine annual eye examinations for seniors, including and over the age of sixty-five.

Our team of eye care professionals are committed to providing thorough vision care for the whole family, with service that sets us apart from the crowd! Take a look at our services offered or come in and see with your own eyes!

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