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How UV Exposure Causes Sun Damage To Eyes

Most of us know the importance of sun protection for our skin. That is why we slather on the SPF sunscreen when we are headed outside to eyjoy the sunshine! However, many of us don’t know that those same damaging ultra violet radiation waves (UV) that we protect our skin from, can cause irreversible sun damage to eyes. Often with our skin, harm from UV is noticed not long after sun exposure, usually in the form of a sun burn. And, even though our eyes can suffer a sun burn as well (photokeratitis), the harm done to our eyes by UV is often not evident for years after cumulative sun exposure. 

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Alternative Eyewear For Sunglass Protection

This year in Calgary, we have been very fortunate to have had such a mild winter and a beautiful spring and start to our summer. As our days are now warmer and longer, many of us are choosing to spend much of our free time outdoors, enjoying the beautiful weather. And although it feels great to get outside and enjoy the sun, one must not forget about the importance of sun-protection. Harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause damage to our body’s delicate tissues, and our eyes are of no exception. Many people think that sunglasses are the only form of sun protection for the eyes. But sadly, sunglasses are not always an option for everyone. For those individuals who can’t wear a regular pair of sunglasses, there are other options and alternative eyewear to sunglasses that can used to help protect the eyes from the damaging rays of the sun.

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Choosing The Best Colour Of Tint For Your Sunglass Lenses

Often when picking new frames, people can tend to get hung up on the color and style of the frame. Even though the frame colour and style is very important, one aspect that is often overlooked when picking new sunglasses is the colour of the sunglass lenses. In my opinion, the colour of the lens that you will be looking through is equally if not more important then the frame colour itself. This is because the colour of the sunglass lenses determines exactly how you see your world. Many people don’t know that there are both advantages and disadvantages looking through different coloured lenses, especially when performing different tasks and activities. Hopefully this blog article can educate you in helping choose the perfect lens colour in your next new pair of sunglasses.

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How to Pick The Best Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great fashion accessory. They say something about one’s style and personality. But they also serve a much greater purpose then just letting the world know how hip, cool, and fashionable you are. A sunglass is a very important tool to help protect your eyes against harmful UV. Many people don’t know that sunglasses are just more then a standard frame with tinted lenses that you buy off a rack. There are many different components that go into just how well a pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes. That is why it is good to know what to look for when trying to pick the best sunglasses for yourself. 

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The Risks of Purchasing Eyeglasses Online

In the busy world of today it is often more convenient and time efficient to purchase items online from the comfort of you own home.  As opticians and eye care professionals, we are often asked about the risks of purchasing prescription eyeglasses online as more and more consumers are drawn to this quick and easy form of shopping.  While ordering eyeglasses online may seem easy, it is very different from ordering a typical consumer item such as a sweater or shoes. Opticians are trained and educated to fit glasses and select lenses that are customized to your specific visual needs and prescription. Obtaining a prescription is only one of many steps needed to ensure you are seeing the best you can.

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What Is The Difference Between Non-polarized Lenses & Polarized Lenses?

As opticians and dispensers, one of the most common questions we hear, when helping our patients choose the right sun protection is; “What is the Difference between non-polarized lenses and polarized lenses?” And “Do they really make a difference in the quality of my sunglasses?” Our main goal as eye care professionals is to provide each of our patients with the best knowledge regarding their sun protection. It is important when choosing polarized lenses, to know both the advantages and disadvantages. This will ensure that you are making the best choice in your sun protection. 

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When Living In Calgary Sunglasses Are Important In Winter Months

When we think of sunglasses, images of sandy beaches, surf, patios, and sunshine are usually the first images that pop into our heads.  Rarely do snowy landscapes, ice, and winter jackets make the list of items synonymous with sunglasses.  However, when living in Calgary sunglasses are important at all times of the year.  Often with the absence of summer, we forget why it is important to protect ourselves from the rays of the sun. I’m going to give you some important reasons as to why you should wear your sunglasses regularly in the darker winter months as well.

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