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Tips For Children’s Eye Safety During Halloween

Well, it’s definitely fall outside! The leaves have turned colours and everything is turning to “pumpkin spice”. This means, that soon the scariest day of the year will be here, Halloween! When it comes to Halloween and dressing up your little ghosts and ghouls, a little preparation will help to ensure everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. Now that we’ve got over the hump of Thanksgiving, your little one’s focus is probably on Halloween. They may even already have their costume picked out. One of your jobs as a parent it not only to make sure the costume is warm enough to handle our Canadian October 31st weather, but also to make sure that it is safe for your children’s eyes. Our blog article this week, gives some tips on children’s eye safety for Halloween.

Children’s Eye Safety For Halloween Masks

We love the long day light hours of our Canadian summers. But, come the end of October our days are much shorter. By the time your little ones head out to trick-or-treat on October 31st, it will probably already be dark and it can possibly already be snowing! Because of this, navigating from house to house for treats in these conditions, can be a ideal when wearing a Halloween mask. The Halloween mask may make your child’s costume look amazing. But, it’s important that your child’s vision is not obstructed by it.

Tiny   or decorations that hang down in front of the eyes can impair your child’s vision, making it unsafe for them to travel safely between houses. Make sure that the eye hole openings are large enough that the whole eye can be seen. If the opening is too small, you can usually alter the opening of the mask by cutting it larger with scissors.

Children’s Eye Safety For Halloween Makeup

Mom applying Halloween make-up

Another popular addition to the Halloween costume is makeup. Children generally have much more sensitive skin than that of an adult. Makeup being applied to the skin of a child should be hypo-allergenic. The last thing you want on a Halloween adventure is having to deal with an allergic reaction. All make-up being applied around the eye area should be approved for use around the eyes. Many makeup that is safe for use around the eyes will have an ophthalmology approval. Avoid using makeup around the eyes of young children. This is because young children may accidentally rub the makeup into their eyes which can cause irritation.

Everyone likes candy for Halloween, but nobody wants and eye infection. To minimize the chance of an eye infection from using makeup, follow a few of these tips! Use makeup that is brand new with sterile brushes and applicators to apply it. Make sure that brushes and make-up are ONLY used on the same person. If used for different people, make sure the makeup and brushes are cleaned in-between. Following these makeup tips will minimize complications with wearing makeup with the Halloween costume.

Children’s Halloween Costume Safety

Along with your child seeing properly through their Halloween costume, the rest of their costume should also be safe. Costumes that come with pointy or sharp objects, such as wands or swords can be a safety risk. Children usually are bogged down with treat bags while dashing from house to house. Carrying objects that could become a safety hazard or cause a potential eye injury is not a good idea. A slip or a fall with a pointy object could result in a serious eye injury. Just like the Halloween mask and make-up, we understand that an accessory like a wand or sword may make or break your child’s outfit. Our recommendation is for you, the parent to hold your child’s accessories as they walk from house to house.

Be seen to be safe!

Children’s eye safety for Halloween is important, but being visible to others on Halloween night is equally important. Again, because lighting while trick-or-treating may not be the best, it is important to make your child visible to others. Choose a bright costume to help your child be visible to motorists and other trick-or-treaters. Carrying glow sticks, a flashlight, or adding reflective elements to the costume, are also easy ways to ensure your little ones are seen by others.

Even though, we’re sure that you and your little trick-or-treaters are going to have a great Halloween, things can happen. If your child has an accidental eye injury while trick-or-treating or you suspect an allergic reaction or infection due to Halloween make-up, see an optometrist or doctor as soon as possible. Some eye injuries require urgent attention, ignoring an injury or waiting for a period of time to have it examined can cause sever damage to your child’s eye and vision.

We hope that you found our blog article on children’s eye safety for Halloween helpful, and that  you and your family have a safe and happy Halloween!
Article written by: Trina Vanaalst



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