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All About Eyes! – What’s Your Eye-Q?

So, it’s officially back to school!!! Because September is associated with “back to school”, we thought we’d go all scholarly on you! In honour of back to school, our September blog articles have been written to test your eye-q! These short quizzes are all about eyes, eye exams optometry and contact lenses. We hope that you have fun with them. And hopefully at the end of them, you are able to say “eye didn’t know that and eye learned something new!” (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!).

There is so much that goes into inner workings of the eyes and the brain in order for us to see! It truly is amazing how everything works to create vision! Our blog post/quiz this week is all about our eyes! Hopefully you can learn something new from our short quiz of 10 related questions all about eyes – no cheating! : )

Quiz – All About Eyes!

1.) How many times do you blink in a day?

  •      a.) 1000
  •      b.) 28800
  •      c.) 500
  •      d.) 12000

Most people blink on average 15 to 20 times per minute…. add all those blinks up and they equal an amazing average of 28800 blinks in a day! That’s a huge amount! Blinking helps keep our eyes lubricated which in turn results in clearer vision. Along with keeping our eyes from drying out, blinking also helps keep our eyes safe from debris!

2.) True or false, just like hands you have a dominant eye?

  • a.) True
  • b.) False

The answer to this question is true! Most people don’t know it, but the majority of people have a dominant eye. The dominant eye is the eye that the brain prefers to favour when processing visual information. Your eye care professional has easy tests that they can do to determine which eye is the dominant eye. So, the next time your at your optometrists office, ask them to check your eye dominance out for you!

3.) What is the most common eye colour among humans?

  • a.) Blue
  • b.) Green
  • c.) Brown
  • d.) Hazel

Even though there are different colours of eyes, brown is the most common eye colour. This is because the colour of your eyes are determined by the amount of melanin (pigment) present in the iris of the eyes. The more melanin, the darker brown the eyes, the less melanin… the bluer a person’s eyes appear. In the end, the colour of a person’s eyes are determined based on genetics.

4.) True or false, some people are born with two different coloured eyes?

  • a.) True
  • b.) False

The answer to this question is true! When a person is born with two different coloured irises of the eyes, it is called heterochromia. Because the colour of the iris is deteremined by the amount of melanin in the iris, the affected eye is a different colour due to less or more pigment than the unaffected eye.

5.) How many eyelashes do you have on your upper eyelid?

  • a.) 90 t0 150
  • b.) 20 to 500
  • c.) 500 to 600
  • d.) 10000 to 15000

Eyelashes do more than just help along our appearance. The function of the eyelash is to prompt the eye to close whenever the lash is touched by dirt and dust and other objects. The eyelash does this by reflex. Our upper eyelid contains 90 to 150 eyelashes where our bottom lid has about 70 to 80 lashes.

So, that concludes our short little eye-Q quiz! How did you score? We hope that you were able to learn something new! If you do have unanswered eye-related questions, call our office to speak with one of our eye experts!

Article written by: Trina Vanaalst












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