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Why Should I Wear Sports Glasses When Playing Sports?

Most of us know that vision is invaluable. Many athletes would agree that their vision is could be one of their best assets! Being able to see clearly and “keep an eye on the ball” so to speak, can make the difference between winning and losing. Vision is one of the key factors in excelling in performance! Therefore, it is of the utmost importance when participating in sports, that your eyesight is at the top of its game! Our blog article this week offers some great tips to keep your vision in tip-top shape to give you the “edge” over the competition by wearing sports glasses!

Why I Like To Wear Sports Glasses When Playing Sports

If you’re like me, looking cool while playing any sport is half the game! In the past, I’ve been guilty of wearing designer fashion sunglasses while participating in sports. It wasn’t until after scratching a pair of Chanel sunglasses, that I got smart!

I bought myself a pair of Oakley sports sunglasses. I used this pair of sunglasses in conjunction with the times I wore my running shoes! My Oakley sunglasses were used specifically during times when I was active. These sunglasses performed much better than my fashion sunglasses during times when I was really active.

Because of the shape and design of the frame, my Oakley sunglasses stayed in place better than my designer sunglasses. The wrap shape of the frame also followed the form of my face. This provided my eyes with better protection from both sunlight glare and flying objects. For me, having a pair of glasses that were sports specific made participating in sports more enjoyable.

Here are a few more reasons why wearing sports glasses when active is a great idea!

Would You Play Tennis In Your Dress Shoes?

As an optician and from personal experience, I know the advantage of having different eyeglasses for different activities. Just as you wouldn’t play tennis in your dress shoes, it’s not uncommon to need different types of vision correction for different tasks.  People who invest in dedicated types of eyewear, such as sports glasses are people who are serious about vision, eye protection, and their game!

Just as we have different shoes for different activities, different eyewear helps our vision differently. People who invest in specific glasses for sports know how important their vision is to them while playing their game. They know that a good pair of sports specific glasses can take their game to a “new” level.  And it’s these individuals truly have an “edge” over their competition!

Sports Glasses To Enhance Performance

Sports glasses are manufactured and designed specifically to aid in enhancing visual performance. A good pair of sport-specific eyewear should do many different things to help with vision. The frame design of sports glasses helps keep your eyes safe. Depending on the type of sport, as well as the condition and environment in which the sport is played, they can also improve vision! Many professional athletes, with no need for vision correction, will use glasses when playing sports to enhance their vision. This is because sunglasses eliminate unwanted glare that the naked eyes can’t. It has been proven that sports specific eyewear, can give better vision and an extra “edge” over the competition.

Protecting Your Eyes With Glasses For Sports

Many different sports require the player to wear sports glasses for protective eyewear. An object hitting the eye at a high speed can cause serious vision loss. In severe cases, it can even cause permanent blindness! The lenses of most sports glasses are made out of a special lens material that ensures eye safety.  Materials like polycarbonate, help absorb the force of an impact. The design of the eyewear frame also helps to provide protection to the eyes. Sports glasses typically have a high degree of wrap (curve in the frame). The wrap of the frame follows the form of the face. This helps prevent any objects from hitting the eyes from the periphery. Most sports glasses also meet special standards of eye protection. Investing in a good pair of sports specific eyewear may be one of the most valuable parts of sports gear you use!

Enhance Your Vision With Glasses For Sports

Glasses for sports are important for eye protection. But did you know that they can enhance vision as well! Even if your vision is perfect, a good pair of sports glasses can help you see better! A good quality sports glass lens will reduce glare. Different lens colours will help by enhancing contrast and clarity. All of these aspects combined can help you see objects better, which can even help you react faster and more accurately.

So the next time you go out to have a game of whatever it is you love playing. Make sure you have the right sports glasses to give you the competitive edge!

Our office has a great selection glasses for sports. We carry reputable name brands such as Oakley and Maui Jim! One of our knowledgeable optical staff would be happy to help you pick the best pair of sunglasses for your lifestyle and all the activities that you enjoy to do!

Article written by Trina Vanaalst, Licensed Optician & Contact Lens Practitioner










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