Seen and Safe – Important Halloween Safety Tips

  • Make sure children who are trick-or-treating are accompanied by an adult.
  • Remind children that they need to follow street rules while trick-or-treating. Remind children to look both ways before crossing the street. Encourage them to walk not run. Help children cross the road at spots that are visible to motorists. For example, at a cross-walk and not from behind or between cars.
  • Ensure that children have reflective tape or stickers on their costumes in order to be more visible so they are kept seen and safe by motorists.
  • Have trick-or-treaters carry flashlights or glowsticks.
  • Avoid cosmetic costume contact lenses. Not only cosmetic costume lenses bad for the health of the eyes, but they can also impair and obscure vision.
  • Avoid masks and costumes that obscure and restrict head movement.

As a homeowner who is expecting little trick-or-treaters, make sure that your home’s exterior is well lit. Make sure that the path to your door is free of objects that can pose to be a tripping hazard.

Follow these easy Halloween safety tips you will ensure that your little trick-or-treater has a better chance at being safe and seen. Happy Halloween!

Article was written by Trina Vanaalst, Licensed Contact Lens Practitioner and Optician.