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How To Take Proper Care Of Your Eyeglasses

As you know, your eyeglasses are more then just a fashion statement or an accessory on your face. They are a very important medical device which helps you see your world clearly. So now that you have chosen your perfect set of new glasses, it is important to take care of them. By taking proper care and maintaining your glasses frequently, you can help preserve this very important piece of equipment for as long as possible.

Keep Your Eyeglasses In A Case, In A Smart Place

Even though your eyeglass case, doesn’t look like much. It is very important in helping keep your glasses in optimum shape. We always say if the glasses are not on your face, keep them in their case! Storing glasses in the case protects both the lenses from scratching, as well as the frame from any damage. Glasses not kept in a case can be accidently bumped, which may result in a misalignment of the frame. A misaligned frame, can have a negative impact on the how well you see through your eyeglass lenses. Also when storing your glasses in the case, make sure that lenses are stored face up, rather then down, as any small abrasive particles that may have worked their way into your case, can also scratch lenses. Always leave your glasses in a safe place, away from harms way. For example, leaving your glasses on a counter rather then a chair is a better choice. If left on a chair, the eyeglasses can get sat on. I always tell my patients “Remember, your glasses go on your smart end, not your dumb end!”

Lens Cloths And Wipes Versus Kleenex And Tissues

We recommend that our patients use a lens cleaning cloth to clean their lenses. These special cleaning cloths are designed to help remove grease from the lenses, therefor eliminating smudges and smears. Most people don’t know, but products such as Kleenex (tissue), toilet paper, and paper towel, are actually manufactured from pulp products. You should avoid using these products at all cost to clean your glasses. Overt time, small wood particles in these products will result in fine scratches on the lens. An alternative to using a special lens cleaning cloth would be to use cotton tea towels, as long as they are clean.

Eyeglass Cleaning Solutions

Another common misconception that people have, is that they can use any glass cleaner to clean their eyeglasses. Eyeglass cleaner is developed specifically for ophthalmic lenses. These cleaners are designed to be gentle on special eyeglass coatings, such as anti-reflection and anti-fog treatments. They will not break down or alter the coatings that have been applied to the lenses. Regular household glass cleaner, such as Windex, may contain ammonia and other chemicals that can damage lens coatings.

It is recommended that all lenses be wet when you clean them. So either we the lenses with lens cleaner, warm water, or warm soapy water if lenses are greasy. After the lens is wet, you can then use your special cloth to dry them.

Handling Your Eyeglasses

When handling your glasses while putting them on and taking them off, it is recommended to use two hands. Taking the glasses off with one hand often results in frames being bent out of shape. Commonly, over time, what ends up happening, is that one temple bends away from the face, farther then the other temple. This misalignment alters how the lenses align in front of the eyes, which ultimately results in poor vision through the eyeglasses.

Storing Your Eyeglasses When They Are Not In Use

When not in use, all eyeglasses and sunglasses (prescription and non-prescription) should be stored in a case and out of exposure to extreme temperature changes. It is important to remember to not store glasses in the dash of the car. As we all know how hot the car can get inside in the summer. This extreme heat can cause damage to coatings on the lenses, as well can cause the frame to go out of alignment.

Frame Adjustments

It is strongly recommended that if your glasses are bent, that you take them into an optician for adjustments. Opticians know how to adjust, bend, and manipulate a frame so it will not break or weaken the frame, while being adjusted. Do not try to adjust a pair of eyeglasses yourself, as you may end up breaking or damaging the frame.

At the Glenmore Landing Vision Center, we recommend to all of our patients, just to drop into the office, and have their glasses cleaned and adjusted on a regular basis. Just like a car, basic maintenance has to be dons it will perform to its best. The same rule applies to your eyeglasses.

Article Written By: Karen McAulay




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