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The Back To School Eye Check Up!

The first day of school can be an exciting time for little ones. There is lots to do prior to the first of school. Getting school supplies, new clothing, runners, and backpacks are some of the regular items that a person might find on their “back to school” to do list. One of the most important items that should also make your list of “to do”s before school starts, is making sure your child has their back to school eye check up! Eyesight is a critical part to any child’s success in school. Getting an eye exam before school starts will get your child started on the right track!

An Eye Check Up Enables Learning

It is estimated that almost 25% of children of school age have vision problems. Since most learning is done through our eyes, it’s important that we make sure that our children have an eye check up. This will help ensure that they are getting and learning the most from their schooling through good vision. By having your children’s eyes checked routinely, you will ensure that your child’s visual system is working properly.

An Eye Check Up Or Eye Exam Is Different Then A Visual Screening

An eye exam in different from a visual screening that some schools my offer. Visual screenings are limited in nature and cannot be used to diagnose vision and eye problems. Only a small percentage of children’s vision issues that need professional vision care are detectable through a vision screening. As well, school screenings are usually rushed to accommodate large amounts of students. It is for these reasons that parents should not rely on vision screenings in substitution for a thorough eye check up preformed by an optometrist, to accurately measure their child’s vision.

Poor Vision Can Lead To Learning Problems

Kindergarten, preschool, and early grades are the foundation to a future of learning. Poor vision can lead to poor grades and performance. Therefor, impacting success in learning. If a child is having a hard time seeing the board or reading their lessons, it can inhibit their ability to learn. Often this leads to a point of frustration. If a child’s vision problem is not corrected and caught early it can get worse and their ability to learn decreases. Often, a child may not know that they are not seeing well.

It is strongly recommended that all kids have their eyes tested at least once before the age of 1 and then continue on yearly bases. In Alberta, eye exams are covered by Alberta Health Care once a year, up until the age of 19.

What To Expect During Your Child’s Eye Check Up

During the eye exam, the optometrist will test the child’s vision, distance vision, binocular (both eyes) co-ordination, eye movement, focusing skills, peripheral vision, and hand eye coordination.

When scheduling your child’s eye exam choose a time that they are usually alert. Also, make sure that they are feed, well rested, and happy! Certain tests are also conducted based on your child’s age. The testing done during an eye exam, will determine whether or not glasses are needed.

Book Your Child An Eye Exam

If you reside in the Calgary area, you can call our office at (403)255-2826 to book your child’s need eye exam. Or book your appointment online Here!

Article Written By: Karen McAulay

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