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Dry Eye Treatment

Get Relief From Dry Eyes From A Calgary Eye Centre Like The Glenmore Landing Vision Center

Calgary has a very dry climate. Therefor, when patients experience dry eye symptoms they should visit a Calgary eye centre to help treat and manage their dry eyes.

Dry eyes are caused by a chronic lack of lubrication and moisture in the eye. Dryness, scratching and burning of your eyes are all signs of dry eye syndrome (keratitis sicca).  Often a foreign body sensation of having something in your eye is also a symptom. Watery eyes can also result from dry eyes. This excessive tearing happens because the excessive dryness overstimulates production of the watery component of the eye’s tear.

There are many different causes of dry eyes. Different hormone levels, certain types of medications, and environment conditions can all play a factor in dry eye syndrome. At a Calgary eye centre, such as the Glenmore Landing Vision Center, your doctor can recommend how to treat dry eye symptoms.

There are many different ways to manage dry eyes. Artificial tears and lubricating drops are the most common way to help dry eyes. In sever cases temporary or permanent silicone plugs are inserted in the tear (lacrimal) ducts to keep the tears in the eye from draining away as quickly. These plugs can be inserted painlessly at a Calgary eye centre.  It is an easy procedure that you optometrist can perform while you’re in the doctor’s office.  The plugs are normally not felt once inserted.

With Calgary being such a dry climate, contact lens wearers often suffer from dry eye symptoms.  If you are a contact lens wearer and dry eyes are a problem for you, your eyecare practitioner may want to switch your current contact lenses to that of a different lens material that retains more moisture.  There are many new contact lenses out on the market, such as high water contact lenses. These lenses provide contact lens wearers greater eye comfort and clearer vision while reducing the symptoms of dry eyes.  

If you suffer from dry eyes, we recommend seeking treatment from an optometrist at a Calgary eye centre such as the Glenmore Landing Vision Center, to help treat and manage your symptoms.

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