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Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

Make this bigger, make that smaller! Our society is in a constant battle with defining what is beautiful. Telling people that “we think you’re perfect just how you are” probably won’t change most peoples quest in achieving their “perfect self”. So this week our goal is to educate on the current popular beauty trend of eyelash extension. Are eyelash extensions safe? Read our blog article this week to learn how eyelash extensions can impact eye health!

What are Eyelash extensions & How Are They Applied?

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions can change the appearance of the eyes. But they don’t come without risk!

Eyelash extensions are individual strands of synthetic material which look like real eyelashes. An eyelash extension augments the length and fullness of a person’s natural lashes.

Typically eyelash extensions are applied in a salon or spa setting by an esthetician. Because eyelashes grow and shed, the extensions will fall out over time. Making lash extensions a non-permanent solution. Maintainance fills are required to maintain the look of the lash extensions.

FYI – Did you know that a human upper eyelid contains an approximate 70 – 150 eyelashes!

What Are Some Of the Dangers Of Eyelash Extensions?

Whenever you are doing anything around the eye area, there’s a possibility of injury or harm. Below are some of the possible dangers that eyelash extensions pose to the eyes.

The Dangers With Tools Used In Eyelash Extension Application

Tweezers are usually the main tool used in eyelash extension application. If during the application, accidental contact happens between the tweezers and the cornea (front surface of the eye), the result could be a corneal abrasion or an even more severe corneal injury.

Using properly cleaned and sterilized tools are essential to reduce the risk of viral and bacterial infections. Viral and bacterial infections can be serious and can pose a great threat to vision and ocular health.

Problems With Lash Extension Glues and Solutions

Problems with eyelash extensions most often result from the glue used to bond the synthetic lashes to the real ones. Chemicals found in some lash glues, such as formaldehyde may cause eye irritation and allergic reactions.

People can also experience reactions to the tape used to hold the eyelids. Reactions to solvents used to remove excess glue or the lash extensions can also occur.

Dry Eyes

Some optometrists will argue that eyelash extensions can also cause dry eyes. This is because artificial lashes tend to change the way that air flows over the eyes. This change can affect the way the tear film performs which can cause dry eyes.

Loss Of Natural Lashes

Lash extensions can cause damage to the follicle of the natural eyelash hair. Damage to the lash follicle can prevent the lash from growing. This can create a permanent or temporary loss of lashes.

Specific Dangers and Complications of Lash Extensions

The AAO (American Academy of ophthalmology) cautions about the health risks and dangers of the use of cosmetic lash extensions. Some of the specific dangers of eyelash extensions that the AAO identifies are;

  • Corneal Infections
  • Infection or swelling of the eyelid
  • Allergic reactions
  • Permanent or temporary loss of natural eyelashes

LATISSE ® – The Eyelash Extension Alternative

If lash extensions aren’t right for you there is an alternative! There is now a prescription cosmetic eyelash growth product to naturally enhance your own lashes. This product is called LATISSE ®! Clinically proven, LATISSE ® enhances natural eyelashes, by making them darker, thicker, and longer!

Because Latisse ® is a prescription, you can’t just get it anywhere or from anybody. If you are interested in learning more about LATISSE ®, our doctors at the Glenmore Landing Vision Center can help!

If you would like to know more about LATISSE ® call our office at (403)255-2826 or schedule an appointment online to book a LATISSE ® consult!

Article Written By: Trina Vanaalst


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    I had a bad experience with my first eyelash extension appointment so an article like this is great when researching what the risks are to having this procedure done.

    • Reply
      Trina VanAalst

      Thanks for the feedback, Kelly! As know when it comes to procedures around the eyes it’s important to know that risks. I’m happy that you liked the post.

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