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What Are The Best Sunglasses For Golf?

Golf is such a great game! Who doesn’t like walking around on a beautifully manicured lawn out in the fresh air! The fact that you also get to whack a tiny white ball every so often, is therapeutic as well! Most seasoned golfers will agree that even though there is a great amount of skill and talent which is required to play the game. That the right golf gear also greatly impacts how a person plays. One item of gear that is often overlooked but can increase the odds of getting your ball in the hole is a good pair of sunglasses! But what are the best sunglasses for golf? Read our blog article this week to find out!

Practice, practice, practice! But what is the point of practicing something if when you go to play, you can’t see properly! Many people don’t put enough weight into how the quality of your vision affects what you are doing. A great pair of sunglasses can really help out a person’s game! There are many factors that go into determining what are the best sunglasses for golf!

How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Golf!

Polarized Lenses

When people think of polarized lenses, they may think of fishing and water sports. And unless you’re one of those people who spend most of their time in or around the water hazards on the golf course, you may not think polarized lenses would benefit you! So, just how are polarized lenses beneficial while playing golf? Well, polarized lenses for one are great for almost all sports!

The function of a polarized lens is to eliminate certain angles of reflected glare. Reflected glare is not limited to shiny mirrored surfaces such as water. Sand and grass also cause their own reflections as well. Eliminating reflection allows a person to see things better. And we all can agree when we see better we usually do better too!

Lens Tint

The colour of the sunglass lens which you look through also plays a huge role in how well you see. The best sunglasses for golf are usually the ones that have a high contrast coloured tint.

Brown And Amber Tints:

Golfers know that being able to read the green is a big part of the name. And contrast is so important in being able to do so. Brown and Amber sunglass lens tints are great when playing golf. These colours are high contrast colours. They improve being able to see the contours of the grass and green as well as make a flying golf ball easier to track against a blue sky. These lenses are great as they work great in most light conditions; from overcast to bright sunny days.

Rose Tints:

It’s nice to see the world through rose coloured glasses! But did you know those rose coloured lenses are also great for your golf game? Just like brown and amber lenses, rose coloured lenses also increase contrast. The difference between a rose lens and a brown lens is all in how your brain adapts to the colour. It takes the brain a little longer to adapt to a rose hue and often when viewing objects through rose coloured glasses… the world will tend to always look a little rosier in colour. Again, like brown and amber lenses, these lenses perform well in most light conditions.

High Contrast Green:

A high contrast green lens is a great lens when other lens colours are too dark for light conditions. A high contrast green lens allows viewing contrast better in low light.

Gray Tint:

Although grey lenses are not generally regarded as the best sunglasses for golf, they do sometimes have their purpose! People who are very light sensitive may find a grey lens the most comfortable lens colour to look through. Grey lenses also perform well under extremely bright sunny conditions. A grey lens also keeps colours truest.

Frame Design

The way that a frame feels and fits is also important when choosing the best sunglasses for golf. A lightweight frame which wraps around and hugs the face is ideal when playing. This is because you have less chance of the frame sliding down your nose when looking at the ball. A frame which wraps to the form of the face is also a good choice as it helps cut down on light entering the eyes from around the frame.

The Best Sunglasses For Golf Have Good Quality Lenses!

So, you may be reading this thinking, “my cheap gas station sunglasses have all these properties, so I’m good!” But not all sunglasses are created equal! Lens quality also plays into vision quality. The best sunglasses for golf have good quality lenses which provide minimal distortion. Polarized, optically ground lenses with a backside anti-glare coating typically set the bar at being the best lenses for the best sunglasses for golf.

Maui Jim Sunglasses are Sunglasses that have all components which make for a winning sunglass choice when choosing the best sunglasses for golf! If you would like to learn more about why Maui Jim Sunglasses are so great, read our article dedicated to them!

Our office has a huge selection of Maui Jim Sunglasses, as well as other great quality sunglass brands. If in Calgary you’re looking for the best sunglasses for golf, our experienced and knowledgeable staff is more then happy to help you pick out your perfect pair.

Article was written by Trina Vanaalst, registered optician and contact lens practitioner


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