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Why Should I Buy Sunglasses From My Optometrist?

Wow, it’s been one hot summer here in Calgary! Just even saying the word summer makes me think of a big old bright shining sun, which leads me then to think about wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses should be worn in every season of the year, not just in the summer! Sunglasses aren’t just a seasonal summer item, they are an important staple in your wardrobe, year-round! That’s why we want to bring attention to why it’s so important to buy a good pair of sunglasses and why you shouldn’t just buy your shades anywhere. The best person to buy sunglasses from if your optometrist, and here are the reasons why!

Buying a good pair of sunglasses can be a big investment, and that’s why it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting in your sunglass purchase. Where you choose to purchase your sunglasses from can result in a difference in quality and comfort. To help you make a more informed decision about where you’re going to buy sunglasses from next, our blog article this week focuses on how buying sunglasses from different stores can have some surprising differences. Here are some reasons why purchasing sunglasses from your optometrist or optician can be of benefit.

When You Buy Sunglasses, Beware Of The “Look Alike” Sunglasses

In 2010, my husband and I went to Bali, Indonesia on vacation. Now, this is defiantly a place you DO NOT want to go without a good pair of sunglasses! This tiny little island is almost right on the equator, so it’s nothing but sunny days there! Luckily for us, we didn’t just take one pair of sunglasses on holidays, but we each took a couple. Of course, we myself having a job in the optical field, it helps! But we quickly learnt while there, If you were ever sunglass-less in Bali, there are many Bali beach vendors who are at the ready to sell you a new pair!

Even though my husband and I were both wearing sunglasses, we must have looked like we needed new pairs. Before we knew it, we were playing a game of “let’s make a deal” with one of the Bali beach vendors. The guy approached us with a box full of name brand suns… Prada, Chanel, RayBan and many other top designer names. All for the low low price of $20. Now clearly I was intrigued… How could they be real? I asked them if they were indeed real. And his reply, “yes they are real, real copies!” There you have it, the moral of the story… If it sounds too good to be true… It probably is!

Your Optometrist Carries Reputable Sunglass Brands

The fact the sunglasses look real and fashionable minus the larger price tag may sound great. However, there are many other factors to consider besides how the glasses look. Here are some reasons to stay away from “cheap” imitation products.

Reputable sunglass brands are manufactured with quality. They are made to ensure that UV blocking standards are met. Wearing sunglasses without UV protection, can over time damage the delicate tissues of the eyes. The quality of lenses and coatings will also typically be poorer when comparing real deal sunglasses to fake imitation ones. Also, cheap knock-off sunglasses are generally less comfortable than their authentic counterparts.

Good quality sunglasses are manufactured with better materials and are made with greater precision. The manufacturing process is more stringent and quality control and guidelines are followed. Often, a good pair of sunglasses will be handmade to ensure the quality is there. So, even though the cheap look-alike sunglasses may seem like a good deal, you are not getting the same quality of a product.

An Optometrist Or An Optician Is A Sunglass Expert

A good pair of sunglasses can be a big investment. An Optometrist or an optician is an expert in the field of eyeglasses. When buying sunglasses from a department store, gas station, or local pharmacy, you don’t have the advantage of consulting with an industry expert. There are many different options to consider when buying sunglasses. Not knowing all the facts can put you at a disadvantage.

When making any purchase, you’ll receive the best product information when you consult with an expert. Sunglasses are no different. When speaking to an optometrist or optician about buying sunglasses, they can give recommendations based on your unique lifestyle and eye care needs. Additionally, if you need vision correction, they can provide you with various options to help correct your vision (prescription sunglasses, contact lenses, etc). Making an informed decision will help you ensure that you leave with a product suited for you!

Stay Away From Online Shopping

For those people who like to order online, you may not always get exactly what you order. The way a pair of sunglasses looks is important. However, it is also important to consider the way a pair of sunglasses fits! When you buy sunglasses online, it is hard to know if you are going to be 100% happy with how your purchase feels on your face. Not being able to physically see and try on an item can make it hard to know if it’s suitable for you.

Make An Informed Decision

So obviously, the choice of where you’re going to purchase your next pair of sunglasses from, is up to you. By reading this blog article, I hope that you are able to make a more informed decision when buying your next pair of sunglasses. It’s always fun to look around. But, if you have any questions, speaking to an optometrist or optician can help provide you with answers to any sunglass questions you may have.

Make sure when you buy sunglasses, that you always compare “apples to apples”. We want our patients to LOVE their sunglasses, so we really go over all options and aspects of lifestyle. Because in the end… they are more than JUST sunglasses, they are the window through which you see your world!

If you have questions regarding UV protection and sunglasses, call and speak to our optometrists and opticians. If you require an update in prescription, book online with one of our eye doctors!

Article was written by Trina Vanaalst, Licensed Optician & Contact Lens Practitioner








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