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How Do You Choose Sunglasses For Kids?

Picking Items out for children, is sometimes as simple as choosing what you like, hoping that it fits, and if not… well, they can always grow into it and wear it later. But choosing sunglasses for kids, can prove to be a little more complex then that! Making sure that you choose a pair of sunglasses that your child likes, fits well, feels comfortable, and protects their eyes and vision, are all aspects to consider when buying your child their next pair of shades!

Choosing Lenses In Sunglasses For Kids

Choose Lenses That Offer UV Protection

Most of us know that when we pick a pair of sunglasses, we need sunglasses to have lenses that provide protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Often, people think that the colour of the sunglass lens is what provides this protection. This is a common misconception, as the colour of the sunglass lens has nothing to do with the level of UV protection the sunglasses offer! When picking sunglasses for kids, choosing a pair of sunglasses that certifies protection up to UV 400 is preferable.

Choosing Lens Colour And Tint

Now that we’ve determined that the colour and tint of the lens has nothing to do with UV protection, it’s time to choose lens tint. The choice of lens colour and the amount of tint a lens has is generally personal preference. However for children, because their eyes normally have larger pupils then that of an adult, choosing a lens that is darker in colour is usually better. A darker lens, such as a grey lens, lets through less visible light. Therefor, providing more visual comfort, especially in bright, sunny, direct light.

Choose The Proper Lens Material

Another important factor to consider when picking sunglasses for kids, is how impact resistant the lenses are. Lenses are made of a variety of different materials. All materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Because children are generally very active, polycarbonate lenses, are often the lens material of choice for children’s eyeglasses and sunglasses. This is because polycarbonate is durable, strong, and impact-resistant.

Choosing The Best Frame For Sunglasses For Kids

Choosing The Right Fitting Sunglass Frame

When Choosing a pair of sunglasses for kids, making sure the frame fits properly is key! Having a frame that fits well will ensure less UV reaches your child’s eyes. A proper fitting frame will also help in preventing the frame from sliding down your child’s face. As well, it will most likely be more comfortable for your child to wear, and will ensure your child actually wants to keep their sunglasses on their face instead of on the floor or elsewhere.

Choosing The Right Sunglass Frame Material And Style

If you’re choosing a pair of sunglasses for kids, another thing to consider when choosing the pair of sunglasses is the frame material. Sometimes, special frame materials as well as frame styles are used in children’s sunglass designs which are more suitable for rough activities. Other times, children’s sunglasses are designed to mimic that of adult frame styles. So knowing generally how your child is going to wear and use their frames is important to help you select the best style.

Where To Get A Good Pair Of Sunglasses For Kids

The ideal place to look for a good pair of sunglasses for your child are stores that specialize in sunglasses. Optometry offices, like the Glenmore Landing Vision Centre, is great places to shop! Optometry and optical stores that specialize in sunglasses will be able to ensure that lenses provide protection from UV. Also trained opticians will be able to help you select a pair of sunglasses for your child. An optician will ensure the frame suits your child’s face shape and size. The optician will also ensure the frame fits well, and will also be able to adjust the pair of sunglasses so they fit comfortably. A bonus is that, sunglasses purchased from us, come with a warranty!

Article Written By: Trina Vanaalst







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