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Do I Need To Wear Sunglasses When Cloudy?

SUN-glasses were designed to be worn when sunny! So why would anyone want to wear sunglasses when cloudy out? Even though one of the main functions of sunglasses is to help combat glare and bright light from the sun they definitely serve a purpose and should be worn on overcast days as well. Our blog article this week is dedicated to informing our readers and patients about the importance of why a person should wear sunglasses when cloudy!

Sunglasses not only combat glare, but they also serve a purpose as a safety device as well! A good pair of sunglasses will have lenses that block out not only the visible light but also the harmful invisible ultraviolet (UV) light rays as well!

Wearing Sunglasses When Cloudy Reduces UV Exposure To the Eyes!

UV light rays reach the earth even on overcast cloudy days. UV exposure causes damage to the tissues of the body. The eyes are no different than our skin and suffer damage from UV as well! Damage from UV doesn’t always present right away. Much of the damage done by UV exposure occurs as a result of cumulative damage which appears when we’re older. Once the damage is done, it is often irreversible. This is why it is important to start wearing sunglasses at a young age and not only during bright sunny days! Just like adults, children should also wear sunglasses when cloudy out too!

A good pair of sunglasses will eliminate 99% to 100% UVA and UVB light!

Wearing Sunglasses When Cloudy Can Help With Vision!

Now, it may seem counterintuitive to wear sunglasses when it’s overcast because there’s a lack of sun. But, did you know that the right colour of sunglass lens can actually help improve vision! In overcast conditions, the light becomes “flat” because there is an absence of shadow. An absence of shadows can make it harder to see objects. Sunglass lenses that are in the brown, amber, and rose colour families help improve contrast which can make it easier to see objects. An experienced skier can attest to the fact that a good pair of contrast enhancing ski goggles can really help define dips in the hill on an overcast day!

Come rain or shine, never leave home without your sunglasses! Remembering to wear sunglasses is one of the best ways to protect your eye health and vision!

If you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, come to our office and check out our great selection! One of our sunglass experts can help you pick the perfect pair! We carry many exclusive designer sunglass brands such as Chanel and Tom Ford!

Article was written by Trina Vanaalst, Licensed Optician and Contact Lens Practitioner


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