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The Top 10 Reasons Why To Have An Eye Exam!

Pull out the party clothes… 2017 is on its way out to make way for 2018. While you’re starting your count down to the New Year, we thought that we would also start our own countdown. We’re counting down the top 10 reasons why to have an eye exam ! So if you’re feeling boared waiting for the clock to strick 12 and need to find a reason why to have an eye exam, read our blog article this week! Happy New Year!

10 Reasons Why To Have An Eye Exam!

1.) Sometimes eye related problems have no symptoms

It is good practice to have regular eye exams. It is not only important to access how well you see, but also to access your ocular health. Many eye diseases have no symptoms and no pain associated with the problem. Therefor you might not even be aware that you have a serious eye disease or problem unless you have an eye exam or it’s too late, and vision damage has occurred.

2.) It is important to catch sight threatening diseases in the early stages

Some eye diseases, such as macular degeneration and glaucoma have no pain associated with them and have no accompanying symptoms, especially in the early stages. Because of this, they are often only diagnosed during an eye exam. If detected early enough, treatment and disease management can help preserve vision and prevent further damage to eye tissue. If left too long and undiagnosed, some diseases can cause permanent vision loss and damage, with is often irreversible.

3.) Eye health can help indicate problems with other parts of the body

An eye exam does not only detect problems with the eyes, but can also identify problems with other parts of the body. Some diseases and problems such as diabetes and brain tumours can manifest symptoms within the eyes. By examining the health of your eyes during an eye exam, your optometrist may be able to see the early signs and symptoms of other health problems. Depending on what type of other health issue your optometrist suspects, they can refer you to other health care specialists for further investigation.

4.) Eye health changes over time

Just like the rest of your body, your eyes also change with age. So just because your eyes were healthy at your last eye exam, doesn’t mean that they are in the same great condition this time. That’s why it is important to have them checked. Changes in eye health can impact vision and well, some damage done to delicate eye tissue is irreversible.

5.) Vision changes over time

Just as eye health can change over time, so can vision. because changes in vision can happen slowly, often people may not be able to tell a noticeable changes in vision without a sight evaluation. Being able to see at your best is important as poor vision can affect quality of life, as well as visual comfort.

6.) Seeing well and looking good go hand in hand

Another reason why to have an eye exam, is to make sure your eye glasses and contact lenses are performing at their best and are the best solution for your visual needs. It’s nice to get a new pair of eyeglasses every few years. Along with an update in frame, replacing old lenses is also a good idea. Along with being a slightly different prescription, older lenses can also be scratched. Some lens coatings can also break down over time, having and affect on lens clarity. All of this can impact vision.

7.) Vision is not an indication of eye health

Some people think that just because their vision is fine and they see well, that their eyes are also healthy. It is important to know that vision isn’t always an indication of eye health. As mentioned in reasons #1 and 2 of our article, some diseases and problems in their early stages have no signs and symptoms. Therefore, your vision may be okay but the health of your eyes may be deteriorating.

8.) Eye problems can be hereditary

Some eye problems and diseases are hereditary. So if a relative of yours has a specific eye problem of diseases, it’s good to check with your optometrist to see if that may put you at a higher chance of developing the same problem.

9.) Uncorrected vision problems and poor vision can be dangerous

Because so much of how we interpret our environment is related to our visual perception of our surroundings, it’s important to see at our best. Driving is an activity where decent vision is required. For the safety of the individual driving and other motorists and pedestrians, it is important to be able to see well when driving. Often, a person requiring vision correction might have restrictions on their license saying that they can’t drive unless wearing glasses or contact lenses.

10.) You are only given one pair of eyes, take care of them!

Our last and final reason why to have an eye exam, is because you’re only given one pair of eyes. Vision is priceless and often irreplaceable. Because of this it’s important to take care of your eyes. Having an eye exam is a crucial part in helping maintain vision and eye health.

We hope that you have a great New Years eve, and we hope to see both you and your eyes in the New Year!

If one of our reasons why to have an eye exam has inspired you to book an appointment with us in the future, you can do so through our online appointment request.

Article written by: Trina Vanaalst



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