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What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Have you heard the term computer vision syndrome? So many of us spend so much time using computers and digital devices. Whether we use computers for work or digital devices like phones and tablets for pleasure, it is a fact that technology is a huge part of our everyday lives. Because of this, we are starting to see technology-related health problems. Frequent use of digital devices can put real stress and strain on our eyes. Common eye problems that occur as a result of digital device use is often referred to as computer vision syndrome. But what exactly is computer vision syndrome? Read on to learn more!

What Is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer-related eye problems are often referred to as computer vision syndrome. But, computer vision syndrome doesn’t refer to one specific problem. Rather it is a blanket term used to describe a range of eye-related problems that result from computer use.

How Do Computers Cause Vision Problems?

When you work at the computer, your eyes usually repeat the same motion of moving back and forth across the computer screen as you read. Along with the repetitive motion, your eyes are constantly having to focus and refocus as you view objects at different distances. All this movement and refocusing and focusing up close for extended periods of time is a lot of work for your eyes! Add in the glare from the computer monitor and it’s no wonder that a person tends to tire quickly when doing a lot of screen work!

How To Help Combat Computer Vision Syndrome

To help reduce eye strain and combat against computer vision syndrome, you can practice some of these simple tips below!

Reduce Glare From Computer Screens

Help combat computer vision syndrome by adjusting the brightness of your digital device’s screens. There are also glare-reducing filters that can be bought and applied to monitors to help reduce glare.

Clean Your Device Screens & Reduce Ambient Light

Did you know that a screen that is free from dust and smudges also helps reduce glare? Also, reduce ambient light which competes with your computer screen. Doing these things can help with vision comfort!

Blink More

It might sound funny but blinking more also helps reduce the symptoms from computer vision syndrome which can also lead to dry eye syndrome. We tend not to blink as much when working on digital devices.

Take a Break & Limit the Amount Of Digital Device Time

Computer vision syndrom can also be caused from cell phone use.

Computer vision syndrome can also be caused by cell phone use.

There is a rule called 20-20-20 which is specifically designed to help with symptoms caused by computers and digital device use. For every 20 minutes of device or computer use, stare at an object which is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This helps the eyes relax from the accommodative state that near work puts them in.

Also, consider the amount of time you are spending working on digital devices. Spending consecutive hours working on a computer puts strain and fatigue on the eyes.

Use Computer Glasses

Computer glasses help by keeping objects at a computer length in focus. Computer glasses also usually have blue-blocking lens coatings which also help reduce glare and help prevent eye fatigue.

If you think that you suffer from computer vision syndrome, book an appointment with one of our optometrists. They will check your vision, eye health, as well as suggest some solutions to help combat computer-related vision problems.

Book an Appointment

If you think you suffer from computer vision syndrome, or you are in need of a vision check, call our office to book your next appointment (403)255-2826 or conveniently book an appointment online here! Our knowledgeable team of optometrists and eye care specialists will be happy to see you offer you options and solutions for your eye care and vision needs.

This article was written by Trina Vanaalst, registered contact lens practitioner and licensed optician.


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