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Why Halloween Contact Lenses Are Bad For Eyes

It’s spook season! You’ve picked out the perfect halloween outfit. But now, you’ve decided that what will really put your costume over the top, is adding an eye-popping touch! A crazy looking pair of halloween contact lenses that you saw at the party store will really complete your look! Well, if you think that this is a great idea… think again! Many people aren’t aware of the dangers associated with wearing costume contact lenses. Contact lenses, such as these can cause irreversible damage to eye health. This can result in decreased vision or in extreme cases even permanent vision loss!

Halloween Contact Lenses Are Not Regulated

Many costume contact lenses (also called halloween lenses) can be purchased online or from party and costume stores. Because these lenses can be purchased over the counter without a prescription, many people are not aware that they can pose a risk to eye health. Some people think that because these types of contact lenses are purely for cosmetic purposes and don’t aid in vision correction, that they don’t require the same level of care or attention that is required with standard prescription contact lenses. However, this is not the case!

All Contact Lenses Should Be Treated As a Medical Device

Because contact lenses are devices that sits directly on the eyes, the fit and how the lenses interact with the anatomy of the eyes can have a direct impact on eye health. Because of this, all contact lenses should be treated as medical devices. They require and should be properly fit by an eye care professional. All contact lenses should also require a valid prescription to be obtained. Contact lenses that are sold in party and halloween shops are lenses that are not approved or regulated by Health Canada. Because Halloween contact lenses purchased from these establishments can be done so without a prescription or fitting, the wearer is put at a greater risk for causing damage to their eyes.

There Is No Such Thing As “One Size Fits All” Contact Lenses

Everyones eyes are shaped different. Therefor, there is no such thing as a contact lens that has “one size that fits all”. All contact lenses should be properly fit to avoid any complications that may cause an alteration to vision and eye health. Contact lenses that are not properly fit can scratch the eyes or cause blood vessel growth into the cornea. These eye problems can be sight threatening, and in extreme cases can result in vision damage or permanent vision loss. Even if a person is getting contact lenses and has perfect vision with no need for prescription, they still need to have contact lenses fit to their eyes by an eye care professional.

Your Eyes Deserve The Best!

You are only given two eyes, so treat them like the invaluable treasure that they are. Wearing a pair of Halloween contact lenses for one night, is not worth risking the possibility of having vision damage. If you insist on using contacts for Halloween, have your lenses properly fit by an eye care professional. Contact lens specialists, such as optometrists and contact lens opticians will ensure that the lenses selected are the right fit for you. Your eyes deserve the very best and so do you! We want to make sure that you have the best quality vision for a lifetime.

Article Written By: Trina Vanaalst




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