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Eye Health Tips

As humans, we are very reliant on our sense of sight. It is easy to see through our everyday lifestyles and activities, just how reliant on vision that we are. Just imagine how different your day would be if you didn’t have your sight. Our eyes, just like all the other parts of our body need a certain amount of care for them to function properly. Here are some tips that can help you maintain good eye health!

Steps To Good Eye Health

Because eyes just seems to “work” for the most part, proper eye care is an area of maintaining one’s health that many people tend to neglect.  Now is a good time to start if you have been taking your eye health for granted. Follow these tips to help maintain your vision.

Visiting Your Eye Clinic

Because eyesight and good vision are a fundamental part of one’s quality of life, it is important that people take care of their eyes! By being proactive with eye exams and the care of your eyes, you can ensure the best quality vision. Part of your eye care routine should include regular visits to an eye clinic to see your optometrist.

Even though you may not seem to have any noticeable problems with your eyes or vision, making regular appointments to your eye clinic to have your eye health and vision checked should be a regular part of your health routine. It is also important, to be a good role model to children, and start them early with regular exams, so they are aware of the importance of maintaining eye health.

At your visit, your eye doctor will recommend a frequency of how often you should have an eye exams. This is determined based on if you currently have any vision problems or conditions, any family history of vision problems, if you suffer from some specific medical conditions that can impact eye health and your age. For children (18 years and younger) and seniors (65 years and older), regardless of being in good health, annual eye exams are often recommended as the standard of care.

Watch Your Diet

When it comes to good vision, another area where you can be proactive with your eye health is with your diet. What you eat affects everything in your body, including your vision and eyes. Essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, such as; lutein and zeaxanthin, zinc, vitamins C, E, and A, and omega 3 fats are all essential elements for eye health.

In addition to eating all of the good stuff, it is also important to watch your intake of bad foods that can impact your health negatively. By watching how much saturated fats, sodium, and alcohol you consume, you also will help benefit your overall health.

Make Sure You Move It!

It’s hard to imagine how by exercising the rest of our body, that our eye health is benefited as well. Well, studies have shown that physical activity may help protect our eyes as we age! Some studies have hypothesized that people who are more active, are less likely to develop the eye condition, age related macular degeneration. Exercise also helps people who have diabetes, where their diabetic condition can also cause problems with eye health. So the next time you make the effort to move it… Just know you are really doing your whole body good!

Article Written By: Trina Vanaalst

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    wow, I was just looking for such nice tips and beautiful ways to maintain a good eye health.

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      Trina VanAalst

      Thanks for your comment, Jannat! We’re happy that you’re able to take away some tips on eye health maintenance from our articles!

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    Moe Tarabey

    Thank you so much for your guide. This article is really helpful for me. I appreciate you for your quality content which is very rare nowadays. Keep it Up

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