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How to Protect Your Eyes On The Water: Sunglasses

Well, it’s almost the August long weekend. For most people, the august long weekend usually means that summer holidays are half over… Or for the optimists out there, that we still have half of our holidays left! Regardless, however you choose to look at it, we are officially smack dab, knee deep in summer! In Calgary, July and August are typically the hotter months. And recently, we’ve had some stretches of pretty hot weather! And, although our heatwaves that we have had this year haven’t been welcomed by all, the boaters and those who love water sports are in their glory! So this summer, if you do find yourself out on the water, follow these tips to protect your eyes on the water!

Wether you spend a few afternoons lounging by the pool or live weeks on end out at the lake, it is important to take precautions and protect your eyes! Being on or next to the water, especially on bright sunny days, can cause harm to your eyes. At the Glenmore Landing Vision Centre, we recommend that patients follow some simple steps to help maintain healthy vision and eyes on the water. 

Tips For Vision and Your Eyes On The Water: Sunglasses

Use Polarized Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes On The Water

The best type of sunglasses that you can use while on or near the water is a sunglass with a polarized lens! Polarized lenses help protect the eyes from blinding glare and damaging UV rays. There are many great sunglass brands that have great quality polarized lenses. Polarized lenses come in many different tint colours and often have options of a mirrored finish. Generally when looking at someone wearing a polarized pair of sunglasses, you can’t tell the difference between polarized and non polarized lenses. It’s the wearer that really sees the difference. A polarized lens reduced and illuminates certain angles of reflected light. When on water, this helps take the reflective glare (mirrored image glare) of the surface of the water, and allows you to see more clearly!

If Needed, Invest In Prescription Sunglasses

For people who require vision correction, specially made prescription sunglasses are available in most prescriptions. This includes progressive lens wearers! Many people are not aware that prescription sunglasses are an option. Sun clips and fit over sunglasses are an okay fix, but usually doesn’t provide the same type of coverage that a sunglass frame will. Added glare and unwanted distortion can also come from putting a second pair over lenses over a dress pair of eyeglasses. An alternate option for people who need a prescription, but don’t want prescription sunglasses is to wear contacts lenses under regular sunglasses.

Pay Attention To Sunglass Fit And Adjustment

When selecting any pair of sunglasses, select a pair that is larger and covers a more of the eye area. The sunglass lens not only helps protect the eye, but also protects the delicate skin and tissues around the eyes. Therefore, in many cases… bigger sunglasses are better! Ensure sunglasses are adjusted properly before heading out to enjoy the sun! Nothing is worse then being wet, or hot and sweaty and having a pair of sunglasses that keeps sliding down your nose. Also, sunglasses that don’t fit properly can start to feel uncomfortable and hurt over time. This can take focus and enjoyment out of the activity that your are doing.

Don’t Forget The Accessories!

Lastly, don’t forget to take added sunglass accessories with you to help you enjoy your sunglasses more. When out on the boat, also make sure that you have some sort of floatation device attached to your sunglasses. Sunglasses should also be securely adjusted, and fit snug around the ear without discomfort. We have had many a person come into our office who has lost their sunglasses to the bottom of the lake! Also, make sure you take extra lens cleaning closths and spray glasses cleaner. Most people either slather themselves in sunscreen or tanning lotion. These lotions are typically greasy and easily smear up sunglass lenses. When cleaning lenses, the lotion can build up in the cleaning cloth, making it harder for the cloth to remove the smudge. Therefor, it’s a good idea to take some extras in case this happens.

Make sure you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes on the water

Always remember that even if it is an overcast day, UV rays are still getting to your eyes. This is why it is so very important to wear sunglasses to help protect them. So the next time you’re enjoying the lake of the pool, put on your sunglasses! They not only make you look really cool, but help promote healthy eyes and vision as well!

Call us, If you have any questions regarding sunglasses and protecting your eyes on the water. Or book an appointment online with one of our doctors of Optometry. They would love to see you!

Article Written By: Trina Vanaalst







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